FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) –The search for Jolissa Fuentes entered its 19th day on Friday. Adventures with Purpose, a volunteer dive group, combed Pine Flat lake for any signs of the missing 22-year-old but didn’t find anything. 

“We cleared this entire area with two boats and our sonar equipment,” said Nick Rinn with Adventures with Purpose. 

The diver duo spent hours at Pine Flat after her cell phone pinged in the general area.

“She was known to sometimes frequent this area, the Pine Flat, Avocado Lake area,” Jolissa’s mom, Norma Nunez, said. 

The group searched Avocado Lake on Thursday too. 

“That took most of the day. We met with the family yesterday wanting to get some information from them to help us with our investigation,” said Rinn. 

The Sheriff’s Office searched both bodies of water earlier this week but they didn’t find anything either.

“People can tell you that it’s been cleared –and this isn’t a knock on anybody –it’s just that until we physically go in and look at it for ourselves, you never know what the people previous to you looked at,” said Rinn.

Adventures with Purpose has solved 23 cold cases. Most recently, the group found Kiely Rodni from Placer County at a reservoir after law enforcement had cleared that area.

“It’s nice to give back to the community something that we’ve learned. It’s actually really rewarding,” said Rinn. 

The family contacted the Youtubers after seeing their track record.

“They have been so awesome and compassionate,” said Sandra Archuleta, Jolissa’s aunt. “They have the same goal as our family not to find her [at the lakes]. But this will give us 100% assurance.”

For now, the family continues holding on to their faith.

“That’s all we have,” Nunez said. “That’s all we have, is faith, what else can we do.”

“We know that she’s out there, we know she’s alive, we know she’s going to come home soon,” said Archuleta. 

If you have any information about Jolissa Fuentes’ whereabouts, contact Selma Police.