FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – During Tuesday’s break between rainstorms, City of Fresno crews spent the day surveying the damage left behind and preparing for the rain expected to pour down on the valley floor on Wednesday and Thursday.  

“Limbs down from trees, flooding issues, clearing drains, a lot of this week’s effort is from clean up, coming back after we made them safe, picking up any debris, our crew’s big effort today is on pothole repair,” Scott Mozier, Fresno City Public Works director said. 

Mozier said over the weekend their department got 40 calls for service. They’re expecting many more in the next few days, despite the work they’re doing now. 

“We’ll be up in the 100s of potholes filled today no doubt.  So basically the storm, it’s just that action, of water getting in and then the load from cars and trucks and trucks hitting the pavement and that’s what creates a pothole,” he added. 

Crews were also actively unclogging storm drains and addressing street flooding downtown. Mozier also says they’re anticipating down trees as they had to clean up a few from this weekend.

“We have about three dozen crews on call just to handle tree issues if the need arises,” he added. 

Mozier said the best way to alert the city of issues like potholes and flooding is through the Fres-Go app. He said the more people who report an issue, the more likely crews will come out right away. 

“Citizens can be our eyes and ears to report things and we can respond all the more quickly,” he said.