FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – You’ve heard of superheroes and supervillains fighting in places like New York and Los Angeles but thanks to Marvel Comics the fighting will now take place in Fresno in the new comic series “Thanos Return of the Mad Titan.”

Buckle up Fresno, the big bad purple villain Thanos is taking the city for a ride into space in his latest quest.

Aside from the action, the page-turner includes several notable Fresno locations inside.

Like the city’s skyline which even includes the helm building and the old Fresno water tower which is ripped from the ground.

Dave Allread, owner of Heroes Comics, says it’s a rare sighting for a comic to even mention Fresno.

“Probably over my 34-year career I can think of a handful that have dealt with Fresno,” said Allread.

He continued, “No not at all usually a small reference nothing that the whole comic book deals with.”

It’s not clear what inspired the writers to choose Fresno as the setting.

Fresno city council member Luis Chavez who is a big comic book fan is making the most of it.

“I think just seeing Fresno on the map is pretty cool to let folks know because it’s usually like in a bad context we get were usually like the butt of the joke,” said Chavez.

He says the city says they should do something to celebrate its special cameo, “I don’t know maybe a Thanos statue there or a mural, hopefully he doesn’t destroy it.”

The first issue of the four-part series was released Wednesday.

Marvel says quote “Fresno will continue to be an important setting throughout the series.”

The next issue will hit the shelves on January third.