FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Tenants of a neglected Fresno trailer park fear changes under new ownership in the coming months. On Thursday morning, residents at Trails End Mobile Home Park voiced concerns over several proposed regulations related to parking, pets, how many people can live in the home, among other rules. 

“It’s possible that they’re throwing their questions into the void, and we don’t know if they’re going to receive answers,” said Mariah Thompson, a staff attorney at California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA). 

Thompson represents some of the tenants. She was present at Thursday’s meeting, hosted by representatives of the California Receivership to hear from residents about the new rules. 

“It was a waste of time because there was no one who wrote those rules that was here,” said Leslie Wright, who said she’s lived at the park for 22 years. “Harmony, the company that’s buying it, was not here.”

A judge granted the sale of the park to Stockton-based corporation Harmony Communities, but the receivership is managing Trails End in the meantime.

“The first thing that residents are concerned about is that there isn’t a single representative of the company that is buying this park at this meeting. As a result, what we saw is not a single question was answered,” said Thompson. 

The president of the receivership said the meeting was meant to be a listening session.

“It was very much not to tell them anything, as much as much as to hear from them about the proposed rules and regulations,” said Mark Adams. 

Tenants raised concerns about pet regulations.

“What the rules say is that even if you have a fence that is completely secured in your yard, your dog is not allowed to be in your yard unless you are holding the leash. And it does state that it needs to be the owner of the home holding the leash,” said Thompson. 

“Not being able to have your pet outside, I think it’s cruel, because what dog can run around when he’s on a leash,” said Wright. 

Parking was a key talking point, too.

“They are prohibited from parking on the streets, but there’s no room for them to park. If they park on the streets around the facility, they may get cited for that and there’s not enough space in the driveways,” said Thompson.

“I can tell you there are disciplinary rules. I can tell you that once we adopt parking regulations, violation of those regulations will prompt us to call the police to ticket the people,” said Adams. 

The new rules also propose allowing only two people per bedroom.

“If a room doesn’t have a closet, it’s not [defined as] a bedroom. There are folks that have families that are maybe more than four people in the homes, and they’re worried about what might happen to them,” said Thompson.

The Receivership said these regulations are not set in stone.

“If there are legitimate concerns that rules need to be amended, without jeopardizing the health and safety of anybody who lives at the park, we will consider that,” said Adams, adding that the Receivership will host a follow-up meeting to answer questions.

Harmony Communities is set to take ownership of the park in six months, which is when the rules would go into effect.