TULARE, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE)- A suspected child molester was shot and killed by law enforcement in Tulare County in Tulare Thursday morning, while the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office was responding to another call.

According to Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were approaching a white pickup truck parked in a Tulare orchard which they suspected was stolen from a nearby business the night before. A man was sitting in the driver’s seat and a woman was sitting in the passenger side. The man did not comply with the deputies’ commands to come out.

Officers from the Tulare Police Department also responded to the scene to assist.

“At one point, they even opened the door. But they can see that he’s keeping something concealed. And at this point, they don’t know what it is,” says Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

That object turned out to be a semi-automatic handgun. That’s when deputies and officers with the Tulare Police Department fired several shots, striking and eventually killing the man.

“I’m not sure what was running through the mind of this person. But he knew for a half hour he was surrounded by cops requesting him to step out of the vehicle.”

The investigation revealed that the man was wanted for ten counts of child molestation and not the person they were searching for in connection to the stolen white truck that was taken from a commercial business overnight.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on Tuesday, November 30.

“He forced the situation. And so the officers had to react and that’s what occurred to me,” said Sheriff Boudreaux.

Officials are interviewing the passenger that was in the truck and collecting evidence at the scene.

This is the fourth officer-involved shooting in Tulare this year.