FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Sunnyside Deli, the sole survivor of the Sunnyside strip mall fire that took place more than two weeks ago, continues to deal with break-ins as owners try to assess the damage.

One of the owners of the Sunnyside Deli says thieves have been breaking into the restaurant almost every day since the fire.

It was such a problem that a construction crew had to weld the back door of the deli shut.

“I’ve actually tried not to go by there very often ‘cuz it’s emotional and it brings a lot of feelings being there,” said Megan Husak, owner of the Sunnyside Deli.  

A shell of its former self – this is what’s left of the Sunnyside Deli on Kings Canyon Boulevard in Fresno.

In order to file insurance paperwork for the deli, owner Megan Husak had to see what remains.

Something that has become increasingly difficult recently.

“The crew had welded the door shut they have done quite a lot of work to keep the building secure,” said Husak

Something that has become necessary with multiple break-ins and property stolen from the damaged deli.

“Glass was broken, shelving units were broken, lots of the beer and drinks and stuff were out of the fridge…they were definitely looking for money or something,” said Husak.

She says it’s hard to see the business she and her family have poured their life into, destroyed.

Five businesses were burnt to the ground during the fire back on January 6th.

Since then Fresno Fire detectives say it was started on purpose.

New video shows two suspects, who investigators say, are responsible for starting the fire.

And Husak says she hopes they’re caught.

“To take out six businesses that have been there for 40 years, you know… it takes a community that is struggling and takes even more away.”

If you have any information on the suspects you are asked to call the police or call the city’s Arson Line at 559-621-A-R-S-N.