FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The surprising and strong winds blew over trees took out power lines, and closed off several streets.

Two large trees were blown over by the wind in the Fig Garden area.

On Maroa and Holland avenues, the giant holes left behind by the rooted trees are still visible. 

The homeowner told, that she is feeling blessed that nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.

“I was looking out the window at how incredibly windy it was. And I said, those other trees are going to fall, and just then, I heard the loudest crack and one took out the other,” said Shawna Kevorkian. 

Her family woke up to not one, but two large trees, more than 40 feet tall, falling across their front lawn.

“It missed my son’s car by inches. Very very blessed, because we have so many walkers in this neighborhood, with pets and tons of cars driving,” she said.

“This morning I was dressed ready to go with my dog, but the winds were just horribly, and I knew it was going to be dangerous so we just postponed it, we canceled it,” said Gina Lindsay, one of Kevorkian’s neighbors.

Lindsay lives around the corner from where these trees fell. 

The trees fell right on the street she walks every day with her dog.

“I mean this is my route. I do Holland all the way up to Van Ness and then Realto and then circle back to my home,” said Lindsay.

Just a few blocks down Maroa Avenue, another tree getting blown over as Fresno Public Works cleaned up the road.

“Tree limbs down, or some limbs that are just hanging that need to be addressed,” said Scott Mozier, Director of the Fresno City Public Works Department.

Public Works said they responded to 78 incidents before the afternoon on Wednesday.

Eight clean-up and tree trimming crews were sent out to clear the damage.

“Which is up from our two. We normally have two crews responding now we have eight today,” he said.

Mozier added the drought does impact trees. He encourages homeowners to have their trees watered properly. 

Of the nearly 80 incidents, no injuries were reported by officials.