FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – What started as a journey to self-healing has now become a way for Roseann Castaneda to bring healing to others.

A few years ago she found herself in a dark place, and that’s when she decided to try a new approach to help with her sobriety.

“I felt very unfulfilled, I didn’t feel happy with where my life was moving towards, these singing bowls just sort of found me six years ago,” said Castaneda.

Now, she not only continues to work on bettering her own life, but she also helps others do the same through her own business called The Golden Rose Healing.

Through sound baths and guided meditation, Castaneda works to bring more peace into others’ daily lives.

“Sound healing is a way for people to go inwards, it’s a way for them to really reflect on any healing that needs to take place, “said Castaneda.

She says holding on to some sort of emotional trauma may lead to physical illnesses such as joint pain and other health-related issues.

“When we develop these physical illnesses there are usually because they are emotionally trapped blockages,” said Castaneda.

That’s when the healing sounds come into action.

“That’s why I go in there to help really let those waves of the sounds wash away and dissolve that pain.”

Sound healing also involves a lot of introspection and encourages people to get back to their true nature.

“That’s why I do a lot of outdoor events to help them connect back to their natural talents, possibilities, and then being able to connect with the potential that lives within them,” said Castaneda.

On Monday a group of people decided to spend Labor Day relaxing in Woodward Park, enjoying the sounds of nature, drinking tea, and taking in the healing sounds of the Himalayan and crystal singing bowls.

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