Sheriff’s deputy’s car crashes into a woman’s room, barely missing her bed

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Scary moments overnight for one Fresno woman when a deputy’s car crashed into her home just inches away from where people slept.

It happened on Teilman near Fruit and Gettysburg.

Officials say it was the conclusion of a high-speed chase through the city.

You can see the tire marks from the car moving through the front yard then crashing into the home.

“I woke up to literally looking into a windshield not not knowing there was a windshield … seeing lights thinking shooting was going on, I didn’t realize a car was in my room at all,” said Lindsey Scheer.

Scheer shared photos and videos of a Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy’s SUV after it crashed into her bedroom while she and her boyfriend were sleeping — crushing almost everything in its path.

“Right now I am in total disbelief it happened,” Scheer said. “I had just moved my bed; it was just against the window. If my bed would have been where it was, my boyfriend would be dead right now.”

Sheriff’s officials say the wet road is what caused one of their deputies to lose control of his SUV while chasing a suspect at a high speed through the city.

Scheer said, “He was an officer doing his job. That’s all you can ask for.”

The suspect being chased was 29-year-old Steven Martinez. He is now in custody, but the home Scheer grew up is in need of major repairs.

“The way I see it is everything can be replaced, but my life can’t. I usually was a person who didn’t care about my life there wasn’t much appreciation for it now I’m very thankful for it,” Scheer said.

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