Sanitation employee presses wrong button, unloading 20 yards of trash in Fresno

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They say you should never cry over spilled milk, but what if it was part of a 20-yard trash spill?

If you were driving near McKinley and Hughes avenues near Highway 99 Wednesday morning, then you may have seen, or even smelled it.

A big pile of garbage ended up in the middle of the roadway, remnants of something you don’t see all that often.

“It’s a lot of garbage on the street. I can’t believe that was a big pile on the street,” says Jesus Diaz, a nearby neighbor.

Video shows a big pile of garbage, about 20 yards of it, and not only did it create a mess, but neighbors say it smelled bad.

According to a sanitation employee, a garbage truck driver was making his rounds Wednesday morning after picking up a trash load at Addams Elementary School

The employee says the driver went to push the button to close the top of the truck but instead, he says “we made a big mess on the ground, right in front of an elementary (school).”

The driver allegedly pushed the wrong button dumping the trash.

“Stuff happens, you got to deal with it, so we can pick it back up,” the employee says.

A blue bin was brought out as several employees and a street sweeper were on hand, literally, to clean up the mess.

“This actually (isn’t) bad compared to the other stuff that we deal with,” he says.

A Fresno Police officer handled traffic control as it took a little more than an hour or two to clean up.

But the sight of this big garbage spill is sure to stick with those who live nearby. “It looked crazy, I can’t believe it,” Diaz says.

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