Ride of the Week: Carlos Olivas’ ’39 Chevy Master Deluxe

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Carlos Olivas has only taken a year and a half to get his 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe 2-door Sedan to where it is today.

“I had to tear it all apart and I had a good mentor that does this for a living. My hands and my sweat are all in this car. I’m all in,” Olivas says.

Olivas came to Fresno from Texas in 1981 on what he calls a two year vacation that he’s still on. He’s fixed up lowriders most of his life. And he remembers the old cruising scene in Fresno, which had its problems.

“Times were different. We were about staring at each other and calling each other out.  But it’s not like that now. It’s a brotherhood now.”

He had traded a 64’ Thunderbird to get his Chevy.

“It’s hard to let go of a car but when you get your mind set on something else, it isn’t hard.

You gotta always gotta have a new toy.”

You can find low riders cruising through Fulton Street every Sunday night throughout the summer.

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