Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with additional input from the ACLU and a statement from Sheriff’s Office.

FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims addressed the Fresno County Board of Supervisors on the total number of ICE detainees that went through Fresno County jail in 2021.

Sheriff Mims said 134 undocumented immigrants who committed crimes were requested to be in ICE custody.

44 undocumented immigrants who committed crimes, were transferred to ICE custody.

The majority of the Board of Supervisors is in support of the sheriff’s office.

The ACLU did their own report in 2018-2020. They, along with community members, feel the numbers of the TRUTH report, are inaccurate.

“Her job is to let them go if they’ve already served their sentence and then the government will deal with it,” said Claudia Hernandez, a spokesperson for Mothers Helping Mothers.

“On top of sidestepping laws, this is tearing apart families,” said a concerned citizen.

Community members spoke out against the sheriff’s Office Tuesday morning when it comes to reporting undocumented immigrants transferred to the immigration control services.

“We obey the rule of law and transfer those that we can legally transfer,” said Sheriff Margaret Mims.

Sheriff Mims stated of the 23,000 total bookings in 2021, 136 of them were requested by ICE, after it was found they were in Fresno County illegally.

“Crime with intent to terrorize or terrorist threats. Cruelty to a child, sexual assault on a child, and more but those are the kinds of offenses the law allows to transfer to ICE,” she said.

These numbers must be publicly stated every year, due to the transport review of unjust transfers and holds, or TRUTH act forum signed into law in 2016 by then-Governor Jerry Brown.

However, some don’t believe the numbers.

“We need to focus more on repeat offenders, citizen or non-citizen, but I do not believe the numbers that she’s quoting is correct,” said a concerned citizen.

The ACLU claims an email it obtained from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office suggests that Sheriff Mims was strategizing with ICE about how to evade the Values Act.

We reached out to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday about the allegations. In a statement, officials say the numbers the ACLU put into their report about ICE arrests are separate from our transfer numbers.

“It appears ICE may have used our jail address for some of its arrests because they occurred in the lobby of our jail or just outside the facility.  They will use the nearest physical address to document the geographic location of the arrest, but this does not mean the arrest occurred in a secure detention zone of the jail.  All of those arrested have been released and are no longer considered Fresno County Jail inmates.”

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Mims had support on the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

“I think what rips families apart is these criminal predators, that get involved in human trafficking, putting fentanyl on the streets of Fresno County, that’s what I think rips families apart,” said District 2 Board Supervisor, Steve Brandau.

On their government website, ICE says in 2020, they requested to detain 122,000 undocumented immigrants nationwide with a criminal history.