FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – With COVID-19 regulations lifted, people are wanting to get out of the house, but also out of the heatwave in the Valley as well, as some head into shops and theaters to take some time and cool off.

“Today, I’m here to watch a movie trying to escape the heat and escape COVID as well and that’s why I wanted to come watch a movie,” said Nijia Cofield, a Fresno resident.

Watching a movie can help you chill for a couple of hours in air-conditioned luxury as you take in a new movie release.  

As people have been socially distanced for the last year and a half, one resident enjoys the A/C at a coffee shop, drinking something hot while staying cool.

“So, I come out and enjoy the air at other places.  It’s good to not just be cooped up.  I’m not much for staying in the house anyway.  I want to be out and about and talking with people and seeing what’s going on and enjoy being mobile,” said John Lovelace, a Fresno resident.

Forecasters are saying this kind of heat hasn’t been around in more than a decade, but one resident who was born and raised in Fresno said triple-digit temperatures are not out of the ordinary for the Central Valley.

“As a long-time native Fresnan, the heat’s just something we have to live with, and if you’re still stuck in town which as I get older, I don’t plan on being here in July.  So not my favorite time of year in Fresno,” said Jan Forbes.

A family from Kerman said they actually took a thirty-minute drive to Fresno’s River Park Shops as their getaway for some fun out of the sun.

“This is the perfect place because I know Saturday and Sunday it’s going to be like 111 degrees. That’s why we decided to come early in the morning, have some fun, have some ice cream and pizza here and then go back home,” said Teresa Acosta.

“Mom! let’s get some ice cream! said 5-year-old Montse Acosta.