A random act of kindness was caught on camera.

A 5-year-old boy once again has toys to play with after his family lost everything. It began with a burglary and ended with a knock on the door. On the other side — A Kings County Sheriff’s Deputy and some hope.

Nanci Ramirez said the family was preparing to move, so they put their belongings into a storage unit.

“They had stored all their belongings in a storage facility. They had been burglarized and all of their stuff had been taken,” Nate Ferrier, president of the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association said Friday.

The theft included all of Ramirez’ son, Julian’s, toys.

Deputy Troy Smith responded to the call.

Ramirez reached out a few days later saying Julian kept asking about his toys and wanted to know if any had been recovered. She also shared more heartbreaking news. Her father-in-law had just been killed in a tragic accident.

Smith said he knew had to do something.

“I guess it broke his heart hearing that sad news. So he asked what kind of toys they were and I said Avengers, and he asked which is his favorite one, and I told him Spider-Man,” Ramirez said.

Smith bought action figures, including Spider-Man, for Julian. It was a small gesture, with a big impact for the family.

“When he showed up with the toys my son got happy,” Ramirez said. She said he hasn’t stopped playing with them.

Smith didn’t expect his act of kindness to be captured on camera. He said he didn’t want any attention and just cares about the area he grew up in, and wants to bridge any gap between the community and law enforcement.

“I just felt like it was the right thing to do. Just wanted to ease some of the pain for that family,” he said.

Ramirez said it gave her hope. “It means a lot. It means the whole world to us. It shows us that there are so many people out there who are really good. Thank you so much I really appreciate it,” she said to Smith.

For Ramirez, the gift was more than toys, it was a real life hero.