FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – As family and friends mourn the loss of Paul Moore, a cyclist who was killed near Woodward Park earlier this month, a new GoFundMe page has popped up in his honor with a way to remember Moore on the trail.

Friends say 61-year-old Paul used to admire the benches on the trail.

“Paul was a humble guy, I think Paul in some way would think, ‘I don’t need all this.’ He doesn’t want the fuss, you know,” explained friend Melanie Spigelmyre.

Moore was struck and killed by a truck while cycling near Woodward Park, not far from the bike trail which Moore was very passionate about.

Moore was known for meeting strangers and quickly befriending them, including a family he met on the trail that has a bench of their own. Friends thought what better way to remember Moore than a bench of his own.

“I think it’s more importantly for his family, his wife, and his son Andrew and his other friends and family that can come sit there and have a memory of him,” said Melanie.

Melanie Spigelmyre says they are hoping to raise enough money to add a quote to the plaque.

“That’s just the kind of guy he was and he was a rockstar cyclist, I’m telling you, the guy was the bomb.”

The GoFundMe page has raised over $2,000. Organizers hope to raise around $10,000 to get the bench installed.