FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – A landmark day at The White House Tuesday afternoon.

President Biden signed the ‘Respect for Marriage’ act into law, and a Fresno couple had a front-row seat.

Robin and Karen McGehee made the trek on Monday across the country from Fresno to Washington D.C.

“Today I feel like I can walk with my head a little higher, a little bit more dignity, a little bit more respect,” said Robin McGehee.

While most Americans watched President Biden sign the ‘Respect for Marriage’ act from home, McGehee was invited along with thousands of LGBTQ+ activists to the White House’s South Lawn.

“All that sacrifice I made for fighting for the rights of our family, it feels worth it,” she said.

Robin has been an activist for gay rights for nearly two decades. She made 19 trips to D.C. in one year as an activist, however, this trip is a celebratory one.

“I had young children that, as a mother, I was trying to raise in Fresno, but I was fighting against the injustice and discrimination, and to be able to stand there today and — and,” she said.

Just a few years ago, Robin was arrested for chaining herself to the White House fence, in protest over the lack of LGBTQ+ rights. Tuesday, she was a welcomed guest.

“It was really crazy to walk through the fence I had chained myself to, and there’s a sense of poetic justice,” said McGehee.

Congressman Jim Costa who represents Fresno and the North Valley applauded the signing of the law, and McGehee’s efforts to protect same-sex marriage.

“It’s heartfelt. Regardless [of] if you live in Fresno, and how hard they worked to see that institutional marriage for them would be protected, means a great deal,” said Representative Jim Costa.

The ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act also protects interracial marriages.

The bill does not guarantee the right to marry but will now have to recognize same-sex couples are guaranteed the same federal rights as any other married couple.

The Supreme Court could overturn the law.

Robin and her wife Karen are set to fly back to Fresno Wednesday morning.

She only had one guest ticket, and as much as she wanted to bring her children, she felt this moment had to be shared with her wife.