FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Potholes have popped up all around the region with the massive amount of rain that has recently hit the Central Valley. 

The director of Fresno Public Works said on Friday the department has received 10 times the typical amount of pothole reports from residents.  

This week alone public works have gotten between 600 and 800 calls just for potholes.  

Now crews have to work overtime just to catch up to a surplus in road hazards, with truck beds full of “cold mix” and a promise to patch torn-up roads. 

With any pothole, we will fill every one. So any reports, anything we can be made aware of, our crews will fill every location

Scott Mozier, Director of Fresno Public Works

While a cold mix fix helps, they are only temporary and mean potholes are bound to open again. 

Mozier said the only way to fix them in the long term is to completely re-pave. Not only in the city but also on state highways too.

“The City of Fresno has deferred maintenance totaling about a half-billion dollars in our roads,” added Mozier. 

“Coming up as the weather warms up, we’ll be repaving about 61 lane miles of roadways,” he said. 

In order to keep up Caltrans has kept some workers on constant standby. 

“Some crews have been working on a 24-hour storm protocol since right before Christmas. So, we’re going into almost four weeks of that for some of our crews,” said Elizabeth Yelton, Public Information Officer for Caltrans District 6.  

For drivers whose vehicles get damaged on state highways as a result of potholes or other road conditions, Caltrans could reimburse up to $10,000 in damage if you submit a claim (click here).

Applicants for the reimbursement should make sure to send a copy of the vehicle registration, two estimates, or a paid receipt, along with it to the Caltrans office. 

You can also submit a claim to the City of Fresno for up to $10,000 as well. The form to do that can be found here.

If you do see any potholes to report on city streets, you can report those on the FresGo app. 

And to report potholes on state highways visit: