CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE) – The Clovis Unified School District could be making some changes to its dress code.

Several students have spoken out against the district’s dress code, calling it “outdated” saying it unfairly targets female students. 

Friday, the school board held a meeting to review recommendations to the code.

In May of this year, students with the district’s interschool council asked for a review of the district’s dress code, especially in terms of leggings and enforcement. Following that request, the board and administration made plans to conduct a thorough review of the dress code to take place this school year.

After several months of meetings and surveys, the Clovis Unified School board came up with a list that showed people felt the district’s code should be examined and modified to reflect the current clothing styles.

The board reviewed the recommendations from the data collected.

“The purpose of the dress code is to create an environment on our campuses that focuses on learning, provides equal access to our dress code, prepares kids for the professional world,” said Kelly Avants, a spokesperson with the district.

Annie Nguyen was her school’s student body president when she realized there had to be changes to the dress code, so she started a movement, collecting signatures to address the issue.

“It started with a few comments I’d hear from my friends about how they feel like they were targeted or felt their bodies were being looked at in really gross ways by staff members,” said Nguyen.

Even though she graduated this past year, Nguyen was present at the board meeting and continues leading the movement to make changes to a dress code she says is simply outdated.

“A lot of the policy is geared toward traditionally feminine clothing and that leaves a lot of students hanging,” said Nguyen.

If approved, some of the changes to the dress code would finally allow girls to wear leggings.

A district spokesperson says other changes would focus on making sure dress code policies align with the districts’ principles.

According to a survey by Clovis Unified, over 65% of parents said it was time to relax the dress code.

“The overarching theme of this movement is that we want a school environment in which a student can feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves being in their own bodies,” said Nguyen.

Dress code changes will be voted on by the board on Jan. 12.