FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – The power of social media is helping a Fresno teacher get her wish-list dreams fulfilled.

Susana Rodriguez teaches Spanish at Tenaya Middle School. She was shocked when the popular television personality and Mexican singer, Chiquis Rivera, saw a TikTok she posted and picked up the tab on her classroom’s Amazon shopping list.  

“At the very beginning I cried a little bit and then it was very overwhelming and there was so much joy in my heart,” said Rodriguez.

Chiquis Rivera has been granting wishes to teachers. Rodriguez picked a song recorded by Rivera’s mother, Jenni Rivera, for her TikTok and her followers shared it.

“Within 24 hours, she responded back and followed me back on TikTok. She said, ‘I got you. These are beautiful comments.’ And then she fulfilled everything,” Rodriguez said.

The classroom is now fully stocked with supplies and decorations including all of the flags from Latin American countries. The new school year was off to a great start for Rodriguez and her students.

“They see one thing and they’re like, ‘Oh, we didn’t have that.’ For example, right behind me, I have my electric sharpener. All of a sudden, I’ve got eight people using the electric sharpener and saying, ‘We didn’t have that before.’ And I say, ‘I know,'” Rodriguez said.

The power of social media brings together one big-hearted celebrity and a Fresno teacher who wants the best for her students.  

“It means so much to us as teachers. We need everything,” Rodriguez said.