FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – A pomeranian from Fresno needs your votes to win the Dirty Dog Contest, to bring a $10,000 prize to the Valley Animal Center in Fresno.

The Dirty Dog Contest showcases the transformations of animals from across the country, showing how rooming services provided by shelters have changed their lives. The animal that wins receives $10,000 towards the shelter the animal is from.

Scar is a puppy from Fresno at the Valley Animal Center, described as a pomeranian mix. His description on the contest website says Scar was spotted in a social media post by his condition of severely scabies-infested and initially unrecognizable due to his condition. Rescuers said they suspected he contracted a disease from a previous living condition, but after receiving medication and baths his rash was healed.

As his skin improved, so did his demeanor – Scar is now described as a completely new dog.

From October 4th until October 31st, public votes will decide the top three finalists. To help Scar from the Valley Animal Center win the contest click here to vote.