FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) — A Fresno police sergeant accused of using drugs stolen from a suspect appeared in court Thursday.

Sgt. Donald Dinnell pleaded not guilty to three counts including second-degree robbery. Fresno police officials announced the charges against Dinnell in March.

On Dec. 30 at approximately 4:15 p.m. officers received a report of a police cruiser driving erratically in a parking lot in the area of Herndon Avenue and Highway 99. The caller said the cruiser was running over curbs and had hit a tree.

Officers responded and found Dinnell was “suffering from a medical episode.” Believed to be having a heart attack, officers discovered that Dinnell had been involved in a drug-related call. Officers suspected Dinnell may have been in contact with fentanyl, therefore the decision was made to give Dinnell a dose of Narcan.

Investigators look into Dinnell’s previous drug-related call to ensure that no other officers were exposed to fentanyl. Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama said that the investigation revealed “some concerning circumstances related to Dinnell’s exposure” that led to a “full criminal investigation on the matter.” According to a search warrant, Dinnell responded to a drug call on Dec. 20. Court documents state that during that call Dinnell took meth from the suspect, failed to write up a police report and let the suspect go.

Court documents state that Dinnell tested positive for meth and Fentanyl. Documents also state that Dinnell’s wife stated to a sergeant that her husband had an issue using “crystal meth” in the past. Documents state that Dinnell’s wife said she found “crystal meth” in one of her husband’s pockets a year before. According to documents, Dinnell’s wife told the sergeant that she has “been dealing with this for 25 years.”

Dinnell is due back in court on Oct. 26.