TULARE, Calif (KGPE/KSEE) – The artists performing at this year’s Tulare County Fair were announced on Friday – and among those performing are Clay Walker, Grupo Vennus and Sawyer Brown.

Starting Wednesday, September 13, Huckleberry Road is a country rock band based out of Reno, Nevada. The band includes two music industry veterans Robert Clark and Anthony Vairetta, along with Dillon Secklin on Drums. Huckleberry Road has been rocking west coast stages for over 17 years. You can hear top hit covers from Prince’s “Purple Rain” to today’s top country hits including Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away.”

Thursday September 14, Blanco Brown will present a performance between Country and Hip-Hop music, along with preforming his viral hit “The Git Up” claiming the top spot in charts across the globe, reaching nearly four billion views across social platforms.

Friday September 15, Clay Walker, artist brings his smash singles from his platinum albums to the stage. His debut album rocketed him to platinum status as the first of four to cross the million-sold mark. Racking up more than 30 charted singles and 11 number-one hits Walker will present his talent in Tulare.

Saturday September 16th, Shayne Hill, Joe Smyth, Gregg “Hobie” Hubbard, and Mark Miller come together to present the band Sawyer Brown. Some of the band’s top hits include “The Dirt Road,” “Drive Me Wild,” “Round Here” and “Outskirts of Town.” The band’s original bio stated that Joe played 200 percussive instruments – a number that Hobie says he made up but still acknowledges. Mark says he has written many of Sawyer Brown’s hits, including “Step That Step” and “The Walk” as well as the band’s anthem “Some Girls Do.”

Sunday, September 17, Tulare County Fair promises a lineup of three exceptional bands Raza Obrera, Groupo Vennus and Los Fugitivo’s.

Raza Obrera is a Regional Mexican band known for their unique style of music and its prominent use of the harp, along with the accordion and charango. The band started in 1996 by members Jose Luis Arroyo, Jose Luis Horta, Roberto Gonzalez, Simon Rivera and Rigoberto Pena. Raza Obera is known for their corridos based on issues relating to the Mexican working class.

Groupo Vennus states they began their career together in October 1977 in Redwood City. They at first became known at social events, weddings, and quinceras and were very well known in the Bay Area. In 1997 founder Vicente Sandavol met with the President of Discos Barajas as they launched their first album “Un Gran Amor.” The group continued to put out their hits into success into the 2010s and says they are excited to continue to perform.

Los Fugitivos is an American groupo band. The band started off with their first hits being covers including “Eperando Por Ti.” In 1993, the band claims to have scored their first hit that landed them on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. Los Fugitivos have recorded 10 albums leading them to earn seven gold records and two platinum albums.

The Tulare County Fair will present The Michelob Ultra and Bud Light Stage at the Groppetti Automotive Family Concert Pavilion this week. For more information contact Customer Service.