FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Questions have been left unanswered in the case of Lisa Spoors, the person charged with an October 4 DUI and the murder of 15-year-old Hoover High School student Rashad Al-Hakim Jr.

Spoors turned themself in Tuesday afternoon, five days after they were charged.

They now reside in the Fresno County Jail.

Attorney David Mugridge said a murder suspect being given so long to turn themself in is very rare.

Spoors was seen near the scene on October 4, as officers conducted a sobriety test on them.

They were not arrested at any point in this case until Tuesday.

Authorities charged Spoors with one count of murder after toxicology results showed they were under the influence of both illicit and prescription substances.

David Mugridge Wednesday told us, as Spoors had a prior history of DUI in 2008 before she was charged with a DUI when she allegedly hit Rashad Al-Hakim Jr., the fact she was able to stay free could have put the public in danger.

“I’m sure when they had this agreement, and the individual did not turn themselves in, there were a lot of people holding their breath because anything could happen,” said Attorney David Mugridge.

“The consequences to the community, potential consequences to the community, are enormous,” he said.

Mugridge lost his own parents because of a person who drove under the influence and has strong feelings on the case, especially about the instance where Rashad’s family wasn’t told when Spoors would turn themself in.

“That is absolutely outrageous for somebody to lose a loved one and not be told until the media contacts them. I think they should do something about that,” he said.

We also visited Ragina Bell Wednesday, the mother of Rashad Al-Hakim Jr.

She said she wasn’t told by police that Spoors had actually been arrested Tuesday.

“We found out via Facebook. I still haven’t received any calls. I’ve been calling and leaving messages and still, no one has reached out to call me back,” she said.

Bell remains upset that officials let Lisa Spoors stay out of custody for an additional five days.

“I don’t feel like that’s how that should have played out. I feel like one, you guys already waited too long to file charges, and then you guys are giving her the option to spend the holidays with her family and I don’t have that option,” said Bell.

Bell said she won’t stop the fight for her son and what she believes is right.

“My baby is gonna get his justice. That’s the promise that I made to him when I laid him to rest,” she said.

Bell plans to be in court when Lisa Spoors has their arraignment in the murder case Thursday morning.