CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Veterans and their families gathered at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District to look back on 81 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“There are families here in this valley Clovis in particular lost 29 lives during world war two,” said CEO of the Clovis Veterans Memorial District Lorenzo Rios.

Frank Paredes was one of the ones who made it out alive.

“It’s a day I will never forget, sometimes I dream about it,” says Frank Paredes, a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack.

During the attack, Paredes was stationed at the Schofield barracks army base. He is now 102 years old and lives in Atwater.

Service members from different branches of the military attended the program. Steffon Hicklin says it’s equally important to remember those who died in the line of combat and those who fought and survived.

Of 2,403 U.S. personnel who died in the attack, 29 of those gold star heroes were from Clovis. Freedom isn’t always free.

It is a day he thinks about the sacrifices of so many. He hopes all Americans do the same.

“Unfortunately their life is lost and you survive we have survivor’s guilt. And it is very hard to live with,” says Hicklin.

A tribute to a day that Rios says, the country should never forget.