FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – An open meeting was held Thursday evening where hundreds of unhappy parents showed up at Bullard High to voice their opinion about the school’s controversial cell phone ban.

Students at the meeting said they don’t believe phones should be banned in general. They believe the motive behind the new rule is not about learning, but rather more about cover-ups.

“There have been a lot of incidents at Bullard a lot of hateful incidents most of them are racial” Said 14-year-old Eryn Williams, a student at Bullard High School.

“A lot of them have been recorded lot of the evidence of those incidents have been recorded on a phone,” she continued.

The cell phone ban comes months after several photos were circulated online showing students in white hoods. Students like Williams believe that without someone there to document incidents, they may go on without any kind of disciplinary action or change.

“Pictures and videos spread everywhere, and so if we didn’t have access to our phones during the day and something did happen it would and admin or another student’s word against ours,” said Williams.

District seven trustee for the Fresno Unified School District Terry Slatic says it is not about the photos. Stating that Fresno Unified is at the bottom five percent school district tied with Detriot and Cleveland.

“We’re giving 4500 diplomas out a year half those kids read and do math six to eight years behind grade level let’s start with that discussion,” said Slatic.