FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A new name, a new beginning, and a new location. 

Friday, the owners of Love and Thai, a restaurant formerly known as the Tasty Thai celebrated their grand opening today on Butler and Chestnut Avenues in Fresno. 

“It was a lot for us. It was a lot for me and it was a lot for our staff, but with all of that also came support,” said owner, David Rasavong. “So, it’s a time where, when I think back to it, it doesn’t feel real.”

Back in May, the restaurant was forced to close after several false allegations surfaced on social media. 

A community member posted a video on Facebook that showed a dog tied up with no food and water in the backyard of a home. 

The home was located next to the restaurant and had no affiliation with the Tasty Thai. 

“When you have people that have so much disgust for your disgusting accusations,” Rasavong said. “It’s hard to go back into that feeling and I don’t ever wish that upon anybody.”

The Rasavongs say from their lowest moments also came an outpour of support.