FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – Do you need to release some anger? A new smash room in the Tower District might be able to help.

According to its website, ‘Art of Anger’ is designed to release anger following emotional life events.

“They get to this point where ‘okay, I’m angry, why am I so angry and why is this anger so uncomfortable and what do I do about it?’ And most of what’s out there to do about it is ‘manage it, stuff it, push it down, hide it, control it’ and not really anything that says ‘expressing it makes sense,'” said Melissa Knight, who opened Art of Anger with her partner.

The smash room provides a private room and protective clothing, and those who buy a package can choose to hit objects such as bottles, glasses, and chairs with bats, golf clubs, sledge-hammers or even tennis rackets.

“There’s a novelty of course to ‘I get to break things’ because all our lives, we’re told ‘be quiet, be still, don’t break that, if you break that, you have to pay for it,” said Knight.

And there are even five-minute sessions.

“When it’s fresh, it’s on the surface, could you come and just do a few minutes of rage work and expel that and then let that not be you,” Knight said.

“That’s your rage, but it doesn’t define you. You don’t have to carry it into tomorrow or the next day or the rest of the day.”

They even clean up the mess.

Knight said the smash-items come from thrift stores and people who bring stuff they don’t need anymore.

“A last stop before it’s going into a landfill,” she said.

Besides the rage rooms, it also has a healing room and a bubble wrap room.

Knight said it’s important for her to stay open during the holidays.

“The holidays are often times when many of us think of joy and family and celebration and food and all of that, and for others, it’s dread,” she said.

When you’re done with letting out the rage, you can collect the items you break and turn it into an art piece. You can even write a message on the wall.

“It’s sort of that Vegas thing. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in the rage room stays in the rage room,” Knight said.