FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Parking in Downtown Fresno is now simpler with the installation of eight new solar-powered parking stations – meaning cash is no longer needed.

“These are the first ones you’ll be able to use your credit card at the actual machine,” said Thomas Gaffrey, Fresno’s parking division manager.

The lots have signs in front of the parking spaces to remind drivers to remember their license plate numbers. They then go to the machine, enter their license plate number, and pick the amount of time they want to pay for.

“It’s kind of convenient that you can use your credit card, you don’t have to go out with a bunch of quarters, but it takes a little bit of getting used to,” said Gilroy resident Eden Neba.

Neba was visiting City Hall Monday morning and said it was his first time using the new machine. After a couple of minutes of pressing buttons, he was able to pay.

“It’s kind of confusing, it didn’t say anything on the machine that you know, you don’t need a ticket,” Neba said.

Gaffery said the machine doesn’t give receipts. Parking enforcers use a handheld device to check the license plate number to see if people have paid.

The new machines mean residents can also keep using coins or the ParkMobile app. However, pre-paid meter cards can’t be used. According to the City of Fresno, the eight machines cost $72,660.

This is the first week these new machines have been available; city officials plan on rolling them out to other downtown locations in the future.