FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) — State and local agencies say they are hoping to improve air quality in Fresno Thursday by opening new electric vehicle charging stations.

The 31 “level two” chargers and eight fast chargers have been deployed near 5 affordable housing sites deemed disadvantaged by the California Air Resources Board.

“Today Fresno Housing has been the host of 5 different multi-housing properties here in Southwest Fresno, including a total of 39 EV charging stations here in the neighborhood,” said Michael Duarte of the Fresno Housing Authority.

“These stations represent one of the largest clusters of electric vehicle chargers in California,” explained Kaya Herron, Deputy Director of the Fresno Black Chamber of Commerce.

The expansion of electric vehicle charging in Fresno is part of a $4 million incentive project aimed at reducing pollution.

“When the majority of your residents don’t have access to a garage to plug in their car,” explains Miguel Arias, city councilmember for Fresno’s third district. “It’s no secret why EV cars are not embraced in the southern part of the city.”

The stations are available to the public and program officials plan to provide vouchers from those who live in the area’s low-income housing units to use the charging stations at low or no cost.