FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – In Fresno, city leaders continue to fight the housing crisis that looms across our area by offering solutions to provide more affordable housing. 

The site near Annadale and Ivy in southwest Fresno will be home to 22 affordable single-family units while another site near Walnut and Florence will house 17 units, both projects a part of councilmember Arias’ plan to provide affordable housing while tackling the housing crisis.  

“There’s been a housing crisis over the last five years, as a matter of fact, Fresno has seen an increase in rent in more than 60% since 2017, some of the highest rent increases are here in Fresno.” 

Eligible families will need to have good credit, a stable income, and make at or less than 56,000 dollars.  

The homes near Annadale and Ivy and the other near Walnut and Florence will provide a mix of 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and 4 bedroom, 2 bath units as a part of a 10 million dollar investment in the southwest Fresno area.

Arias says with the increase in rent outweighing the increase in wages in Fresno, many working families are not able to afford a home. 

“The average income for a family of 4 in Fresno is 53,000 a year, that’s because the majority of residents in Fresno are essential workers picking our crops, sorting our crops, and working everyday service jobs,” says Arias. 

The non-profit, Self-Help Enterprises will be involved working to help low-income families achieve homeownership through the self-help method, where families help build each other’s homes,” says Tom Collishaw, CEO of Self-Help Enterprises.  

“We get a lot of outside investors who buy up a lot of the new housing convert it to rental and that deteriorates a neighborhood over time and then they cash out,” says Arias.  

With these kinds of projects, he says they’re going to be targeting Fresno residents who have been renting for a long time and be able to call Fresno their home.  

“We’re already starting to work with folks who have expressed an interest in the program to make sure their mortgage is ready by this summer but that’s when we expect to be taking applications in the early summer,” says Collishaw.  

A family of four can earn up to 56,000 dollars to qualify for this kind of housing and the sweat equity that families put in through their labor creates a down payment.