FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A recently formed neighborhood committee is advocating for affordable housing in Fresno. Angeles de la Vivienda, or “Housing Angels”, especially focuses on immigrant renters who may not qualify for government assistance or may not be aware of resources due to a language barrier.

“This committee is mostly a group of Spanish-speaking señoras that focuses on housing-related issues,” said Pedro Navarro Cruz, a community organizer with CNC Education Fund, the umbrella nonprofit for Angeles de la Vivienda. 

CNC Education Fund is an organization that aims to empower disadvantaged communities. Through their efforts with Angeles de la Vivienda, they advocate for affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and increasing homeownership among Latino families.

As the City of Fresno gets ready to hear from the community on how to spend pandemic relief funds from the federal government this year, the grassroots organization is working on making sure leaders place housing issues at the top of their list.

“The folks who are involved in Angeles de la Vivienda very firmly believe that housing is a crisis, we need to allocate the funds there. Also, we need to make sure that how these funds are used, it doesn’t exclude someone. It needs to include everybody.”

Navarro Cruz said undocumented families are often left behind when it comes to access to certain resources.

The org also recently became involved in the redistricting process with Fresno Unified School District.

“Some of the señoras had mentioned during our committee meetings that they had felt unheard by Fresno Unified School District Board of Trustees, and so we decided to submit a map.”

The map was approved a couple of weeks ago, and it will increase the number of trustee areas with predominantly Latino populations from two to three.

“Organizations exist to do exactly that, to connect people to their power, to have folks realize that they can do more than just live their everyday lives.”

Navarro said this victory will continue empowering Angeles de la Vivienda as they combat housing and homelessness issues.

For more information on Angeles de la Vivienda, resources, or how to get involved, visit the CNC Education Fund’s website, or email Navarro Cruz at