FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Get your Fourth of July fireworks while you can. A nationwide shortage has Central Valley stands bracing to sell out of inventory before the holiday with no additional products on the horizon.

Donald Komush of A.C.T.S. Street Ministries said his stand at Palm and Bullard avenues is raising funds to send kids to camp but expects to run out of supplies by Saturday morning.

“Everything you see on the shelves and these boxes this is all we have and normally we would have like five times this much,” he said.

Komush said he’s been told all the stands in the area are in the same boat.

“Every stand in Fresno will be sold out before the 4th of July,” he said.

Dennis Revell of TNT Fireworks said they’ve been working around the clock to get products to vendors, but as the economy bounces back from the pandemic, supply chains are having trouble keeping up with demands. He said ports are now congested with shipments but lacking workers to keep things moving.

“We recognized there may be some product limitations that’s why we encouraged our customers to buy fireworks early to ensure the best products, selection and pricing,” Revell said.

In addition, he said factory closures during the pandemic have impacted the supply of just about everything.

“It’s happening all over the United States and not just with fireworks, with many consumer products. If you went in to buy furniture today and placed an order you would probably have to wait six to nine months for its delivery,” he said.

Komush said they’ve made up to $15,000 before but this year they’re anticipating $3,000 or $4,000.

“If we don’t have nothing to sell, it’s over we’re done. If we don’t sell as much we don’t send as many kids to camp,” he said.

Komush said he sees a lot of people procrastinate until the 4th of July to buy their fireworks and urges them not to do it this year because it’ll probably be too late.