Migrant caravan supporters and protesters rally at a busy Fresno intersection

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Those for, and against, the migrant caravan attempting to gain entry into the United States from California’s southern border rallied at a busy Fresno intersection Sunday night.

Demonstrators, about eight on each side of the issue, gathered at Blackstone and Shaw avenues.

Those in support of the caravan arrived to the intersection around 4:30 p.m., and say they were prompted to show their support because of Sunday’s news that thousands of migrants reached the U.S.-Mexico border and were being tear gassed. 

The immigration policies from the Trump Administration are “detrimental,” says supporter Alexander Orozco.

He says the migrants are attempting to flee from violence in their native countries, and are facing backlash from those who he says are “hateful.”

But, he has one goal for the demonstration, for others to see there are people against the hate.

Those not in support showed up shortly after 4:30 p.m. to the rally, and one of the protesters says he is against the caravan because he doesn’t want them to change “what we have.”

James Hoak, of Fresno, says, “It’s a shame whats going on at the border, and we’re just out here to speak against it.”

He says he “loves immigration” and has friends of many different backgrounds, but says there needs to be immigration reform by the country’s leaders.

“I have nothing against immigration,” Hoak says. Adding, “I want people to come and enjoy what we have here, but I don’t want people to come here and change what we have.”

One thing Hoak says he feels both sides can agree on? 

He says, “We all love America, and I think we can meet in the middle on that.”

By around 6 p.m., the rally was wrapping up.

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