FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) — A former Merced grocery store employee has been arrested in Iowa after telling police he was traveling to the White House to “kill those in positions of power,” last Tuesday according to court documents from the southern district of Iowa.

On Dec. 21, Kuachua Brillion Xiong was stopped by a Cass County sheriff’s deputy for driving aggressively and speeding on Interstate 80 in Iowa.

Authorities say the deputy reported that Xiong’s vehicle had appeared “lived-in,” and several empty cans of Red Bull energy drinks were found throughout the vehicle when he first approached the vehicle during the traffic stop.

Court documents state that during the stop, Xiong began telling the sheriff’s deputy about his “disapproval for the government” and made multiple statements to the deputy that, “this type of behavior had to be dealt with.”

Deputies say they then asked Xiong for permission to search his vehicle, which he agreed to. According to officials, Xiong also told authorities he had a gun and ammunition inside the vehicle too.

During the search, officials say an AR-15 style rifle, loaded magazines, ammunition, several items of body armor and medical kits were found inside of Xiong’s vehicle. Deputies asked if Xiong was suicidal and say he told them no, but “he would act in self-defense.”

Investigators say Xiong’s personal cell phone was also routed directly to the White House’s location and that a stash of money was found inside his vehicle “earmarked” for his funeral expenses.

Court documents reveal that Xiong told investigators that these items were in his vehicle for “self-defense,” and that his job at the grocery store was a “cover,” until he was “called upon by God to ‘combat evil demons in the White House.'”

Throughout the interview officials say Xiong told them he used the social media app TikTok to compile a list of individuals he wanted to kill, which included some of the following politicians and public figures:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Barrack Obama
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • Mark Zuckerberg

According to authorities, Xiong’s TikTok list consisted of around 100 videos and Xiong also told investigators that he would “kill President Joseph Biden unless he promised to comply,” with his demands.

Court documents state that Xiong left for Washington D.C. on Dec. 18 with intentions to drive straight to the White House and that “nothing would stop him for carrying out his plan of gaining access to the White House and killing the persons on his ‘hit list.'”

According to officials, Xiong gave investigators a drawing of the White House grounds and told them how he planned on gaining access to the complex.

Investigators say he intended to exploit the ground’s “weak spot,” and that he planned on using his grappling hook to climb over the perimeter fencing.

Throughout the investigation, authorities also say Xiong gave them access to his personal cell phone which held detailed notes on the planned attack.

According to officials, some of these entries included details titled “Survive supplies,” “Safe life defense order,” “Rifle pickup,” “Save USA” and more.

Court documents reveal that Xiong said he had no intentions of going back to California to see his family because he plans on “dying while fighting evil demons at the White House.”