FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Mayor Jerry Dyer defended his foundation ‘One Fresno’ on Wednesday following a report that an anonymous person filed a complaint with the fair political practices commission alleging his foundation violated the political reform act.  

 Just last year, Dyer launched his ‘One Fresno’ foundation with the purpose of providing opportunities and serving youth from underserved and disadvantaged communities.  

“The ‘One Fresno’ foundation is extremely important to me and to my vision—that vision is an inclusive, prosperous, beautiful city where people take pride in their communities and their neighborhoods,” says Mayor Dyer.  

He launched the foundation shortly after taking office. However, recently, he and his foundation came under fire from the California Fair Political Practices Commission, alleging possible financial irregularities.  

 The mayor responded on Wednesday, calling those allegations ‘flimsy.’ 

 We asked what the possible motive behind the allegations was.  

“Well, I know the motive is purely political,” says Dyer.  

 Some of those complaints alleged Mayor Dyer benefitted financially as a result of the foundation.  

The mayor said he’s been totally transparent all along. 

Monica Diaz, one of the members serving on the board—says she never lost faith or trust in what the foundation stands for.  

“Just to know that my name was directly mentioned was damaging and I am heartbroken,” says Monica Diaz, one of the board members.  

 Dyer says the commission’s decision to back off should say it all.   

“The fact that this investigation was not furthered should send a strong message it was without merit,” says Mayor Dyer.   

 The ‘One Fresno’ foundation has helped many kids in need, making it possible for them to go to camp, and enjoy other activities.