FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – On Wednesday, Mayor Jerry Dyer announced a new anti-litter campaign aimed at encouraging Fresno residents to “do their part” in keeping the city clean as part of his Beautify Fresno initiative.

Officials say the campaign theme titled, “Don’t Be A Litterhead” will run several advertisements over the next few months and will focus on encouraging residents to properly dispose of their waste materials such as empty bottles, cans, cigarettes buds and paper wrappers.

According to city officials, the new campaign was made possible by the Fresno City Council after councilmembers approved a total of $100,000 last summer for marketing in the Beautify Fresno budget for the Fiscal Year of 2022.

“With everyone’s help, we can make a huge difference in the way our community looks and feels about itself,” said Dyer. 

Officials say the “Don’t Be a Litterhead” campaign was created by local advertising agency JP Marketing who is under contract with the City of Fresno’s Department of Public Utilities which is home to Beautify Fresno and Solid Waste Divisions.

Along with the marketing campaign, a city spokesperson has also said Dyer has announced the creation of newly formed Beautify Fresno sanitation crews who will begin “pro-actively” picking up trash and litter around the city.

Sanitation crews will focus on picking up trash and litter in Downtown Fresno, Chinatown and Council District 7 in the Central Fresno area, city officials say.

A TV ad has also been created to help promote the new Beautify Fresno campaign.

“We live in a great city.  If we want to keep it a great city, we can’t tolerate trash on our streets and sidewalks,” said Dyer. “We can’t accept garbage in our parks and neighborhoods. We have to change the status quo.”