FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Caught on camera, the search for the man responsible for causing thousands of dollars in damage to the Armenian Evangelical Christian Church in Northeast Fresno is underway.

Police are asking for the public’s help to find the man responsible as video surveillance shows a man riding a bike before he starts throwing rocks shattering the front windows of the Armenian Evangelical Christian Church off of Dakota and Millbrook.

As a car he approaches he quickly stops, but after the car leaves the man goes on to throw 4 more rocks before taking off.

Garabat Sagherian one of the pastors at the church says this is not the first time something like this has happened.

“This is frustrating. This is not the first time it happened, this is the third time it has happened in a few years,” said Sagherian.

The church says it will now have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the damage.

“It’s gonna cost at least five grand,” said Sagherian.

No one has been arrested in connection with this crime. If caught the person responsible would face a felony charge of vandalism.

Law enforcement says it’s important for the community to report crimes no matter how small.  

“People think it’s not a big deal, I’m not going to report it however if the police department isn’t aware of it occurring it’s like it didn’t exist. It’s extremely important to call and make sure we are aware of it,” said Dianna Vega with Fresno Police.

The church says the vandalism won’t stop them from celebrating easter this Sunday.

“We are gonna do it in the other portion of our church, it happens but it’s a sad thing,” said Sagherian.

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to contact the police.