MADERA, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – Driving through the city of Madera Tuesday morning, it was drying off from a heavy Monday downpour of rain.

It left a lot of unincorporated areas flooded and has left soil unstable.

Monday’s storm brought inches of rain that have now set into the soil.

Ag fields near county roads like this one almost entirely underwater.

According to Madera County Public Works, they were working on clearing roadways and their number one priority is safety on roadways.

Madera’s CHP Division say there weren’t a lot of trees that fell, but instead, flooding was what they saw the most of.

It was the opposite for Madera Golf Course and Country Club on the skirts of the city.

Workers are still trying to clean up damage from the story, and even more damage from the weekend prior.

Large trees are still on the ground. Some of them with an uproot diameter of over 10 ft.

Crews say this was one of the larger trees on the property that fell.

The golf course was open for use on Tuesday morning, but no one was there to play.

According to workers on the property, they are going to have a professional tree removal service come and decide what to do with the giant trees that fell over.

Officials urge you not to drive into flooded water. It only takes two feet of water to completely stall a car.

If you see down trees near your home, try and stay away from them, and call 911.