SANGER, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Fresno City Councilmember Luis Chavez expressed his concern regarding a policy enforced by the Sanger Unified School District that prevents the hanging of flags that are not curriculum-related, including the LGBTQ pride flag.

In the letter to the board and superintendent, Councilmember Chavez said he was “deeply concerned” about the substance of the school district’s discussion regarding the display of flags within the classroom.

More specifically he states that “a targeted ban on such displays, with specific emphasis on the LGTBQ community is deeply troubling.”

During their last board meeting on Tuesday, several people expressed their disapproval of the hanging of pride flags in classrooms. The district said no action was taken against these claims.

The district claims that their policy regarding things placed in the classroom that are not part of the core curriculum has always been specific. “Classrooms should reflect the subject matter content…to ensure a safe learning environment for all points of view and to maximize learning and understanding amongst everyone.”

Chavez said the reason the City of Fresno regularly raises the pride flag during Pride Month is to celebrate diversity within the community as well as to show solidarity and encourage inclusion.

District officials say that while they acknowledge the points of view, “we also know we offer many opportunities for our students, parents, and employees to exercise freedom of expression while focusing on our top priority to provide our students with core curriculum education.”

Councilmember Chavez does not agree that the Sanger Unified School District policy allows students to be exposed to differing points of view that facilitate community growth.

“This policy should be reassessed as it corrodes, rather than builds upon, Sanger Unified’s strengths as a preeminent institution of learning in our Valley.”