FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – A Fresno-based restaurant owner, whose restaurant was forced to close following a series of racist rumors, has had to push back the reopening of his next restaurant due to vandalism.

“Love and Thai” is due to open for business in November. The restaurant was a replacement for the “Tasty Thai,” which was forced to close due to threats and harassment earlier this year.

More than four months later, David Rasavong’s new location “Love and Thai” is due to open at 4821 E Butler Avenue in Fresno. Rasavong says the new name of the restaurant was inspired by those in the community who continued to give their support.

The grand reopening of “Love and Thai” was initially set for October 19, a date which was then pushed back. The new reopening date is November 3.

Restaurant staff say they hope the vandalism that pushed the reopening date back to November 3 was something random that occurred and not something deliberate.

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