FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Olivia Rhinehart said she’s lost a piece of her soul.

“The past few days have been really, really hard,” Olivia said. “My sister was my best friend.”

Her younger sister, 37-year-old Helena Rhinehart, was killed in a car accident on Tuesday.

“Tuesday morning my mom called me at 5:30 a.m.,” she said. “Obviously I’m not expecting a call from my mom at that time, so I knew it was something.”

The early morning call she received from her mother changed their family’s life forever. 

“We knew something was wrong,” she said. “But we weren’t expecting this to be the outcome the doctor called, and they said that my sister had passed away in a car accident.”

At not even 40 years old, Helena was almost done with nursing school, and the mother to four kids.  

Helena was only 37 years old, she was almost done with nursing school and was a mom to four kids.

“She was everything to her family,” Olivia said. “She was a glue that held us together.”

Helena was described by her family and friends as their light in times of darkness. 

“She jumped up and said come on, dance with me,” said Helena’s cousin, Cashona Rhinehart.  “She loved to dance she was just so light, her thoughts about life were, hey we got to enjoy this thing while we can.”

Now they are doing what they can to keep her memory alive.  

“I feel like I lost a piece of myself went with her,” said Olivia. “But I know that I have to stay strong for her kids, that is what she would want me to do that is why I feel compelled to share her story.” 

The family had set up a GoFundMe page.