Locals excited for what Captain Marvel could do for Fresno County

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The newest Marvel movie will have some familiar scenery to see.

As most remember, Captain Marvel filmed in Fresno County last summer in the Shaver Lake area. The 144th Fighter Wing also had a hand in getting the movie made. Everyone involved locally is excited to see how it’ll all be portrayer — but also excited for what the movie could do for them down the line.

The movie helped Fresno County rake in a lot of bucks when crews were here in 2018. In a report, Fresno County said filming brought in around $427,000.

Usually at Shaver Lake, people are trying to catch some rainbow trout. However, those who went out during May 2018 also caught a view of some sort of crash.

“We’ve has other films up here before, but this was a big deal,” Shaver Lake real estate agent said. “Big trucks, I mean 40-footers, coming through here. One after the other.”

Huebner adds all eateries and lodging in the area pocketed extra cash during the crew’s stay. Himself included, as he rented his townhome to the movie’s star, Brie Larson.

“They were great guests. No wild parties, no Hollywood bashes or anything. Just good people,” he said with a laugh.

The thing that excites him the most is the tourism the movie could generate for the area. 

“A lot of the film crew were saying that they wanted to come back, so it’s not just a one-time thing, which was fantastic,” Huebner said. 

Fresno’s 144th Fighter Wing also revved up about Captain Marvel’s exposure. Airmen from the base prepped F-15 jets for the movie — which they say is a great representation of airmen all over. 

“Her path to go through the Air Force Academy and then through pilot training is not unlike most fighter pilots in the Air Force,” said 1st Lt. Charlie Jamieson

Master Sgt. Leslie Sundstrom said it’s even more important since Captain Marvel is a woman.

“In the future, [it’ll] only help us at the 144th, being local, plus the Air Force globally. That’s gonna set us on the map for this,” she said.

While our Fresno airmen had a hand in the film, all of their scenes were shot at Edwards Air Force Base in Kern County.

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