FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – With the devastation in Israel comes outrage and uncertainty.

That uncertainty is driving many of the Jewish community to fly back home and be as close to their family as they can.

We spoke with one member of the Jewish community, who still has brothers, sisters, and friends over in Israel right now.

Some of his friends have been called up to the military, while others, including nephews and nieces, are taking shelter from the rockets pummeling by the hundreds.

“We’re all shocked first of all. Immense sadness, and honestly rage,” said Levi Goldzweig.

We met Goldzweig at Fresno Yosemite Airport Monday morning, as he boarded a flight back home to New York.

“My wife is a Fresno native, so we came to celebrate the holiday. The same holiday those Jews were killed while celebrating,” said Goldzweig.

On Saturday, Oct. 7, what was supposed to be the final day of Sukkot, a Jewish festival celebration, is when Goldzweig heard of the attacks, and the celebration quickly turned to worry and rage.

“Do you worry about the safety of your sibling? 100%, 100%,” Goldzweig responded. “There’s no doubt. I’m not going to live in fear, I’m not going to let other people control my life.”

Even having to board up their doors, as extremists roamed the streets below their homes.

“My sister, her house is constantly shuttering either from bombing next door or rockets falling,” he said.

Born in Israel, Goldzweig spent 20 years there and still remembers attacks from back then.

“When I grew up I was experiencing rockets exploding near my house and felt my stomach turning, not emotional reaction but from the recoil of the rocket,” he said.

For Goldzweig’s family, however, these attacks bring back painful memories.

“My grandmother is– well she was, she’s passed away now, a holocaust survivor. The stories I’ve been reading over there, it’s– I have no other point of reference from the brutal horrors that are taking place over there,” said Goldzweig.

We tried to reach out to the Islamic Cultural Center, as well as representatives from the Islamic community, but we did not hear back in time for this story.