FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE)  – One local foundation is giving back to families that lost a child and are grieving during the holidays.

The “NK Foundation” was started by a mother that lost her 17-year-old son Nick Kauls and she was inspired to connect with others grieving like she was.

“It’s very difficult to do sometimes people don’t understand how hard it is,” said Kauls. 

Lisa Kauls says there’s not a day she doesn’t think about her son Nicholas, who she says was gunned down in a random act of violence back in 2018.

“There were so many people there for me the community was just awesome, bringing me food, being at the hospital everything so I just want to show support for other families that go through this.. because the sad thing is that they are somebody is going to go through this” she added. 

The NK Foundation had its first annual Christmas brunch at DiCicco’s restaurant with a silent auction. All the money raised goes to help a family this holiday season.

“We did this Christmas project last year, we helped out a family that lost a baby boy, and with toys and all she just couldn’t function because she was missing her baby,” said Kauls. 

They say it’s all about making people remember they’re not alone. “When people lose somebody and they come to us we will give them a box and inside the box, it has just resources telling people where to go and where they can get help for grieving,” said Sharolyn Schmiederer. 

Sharolyn Schmiederer partnered with Kauls to start the NK Foundation and says a small gesture goes a long way.

“Spreading kindness is really huge and if somebody does something nice for your, normally people would turn around and want to do something nice for someone else” added Schmiederer