FRESNO, Calif (KGPE)– Breweries are a growing trend of putting a haunt to their beer productions and making hand sanitizers for the community.

Dan Soleno, Co-owner of 411 Ales and Spirits in downtown Fresno says this is something easy they can do to give back.

“We are going to give it away this weekend to whomever wants it and up to half a pound of hand sanitizer per person,” said Soleno.


Soleno said his sons brought up the idea of making and donating hand sanitizer and he couldn’t resist the opportunity to help others during this pandemic.

“Right now it’s a time where a lot of people are making sacrifices just to keep food on the table and this is just one way we can help, the boys want to help the community,” said Soleno.

Now the brewery is focusing their time making hundreds of containers of hand sanitizer to give out to anyone in need.

Joshua Soleno, co-founder of 411 Ales and Spirits says they are following regulations and the demand is at an all time high.

“We are following the FDA and CDC guidelines so it’s 80% ethanol and then we have some inactive ingredients like water, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerin,” said Joshua.

He said they mix all of the ingredients at their brewery and last Saturday at their giveaway was a huge success.

Dozens of people lined the streets to get their hands on the precious product.

“Last Saturday we gave out close to six hundred 4 oz. increments so the math tallies itself. But with this one we are trying to give out a lot more,” said Joshua.

411 Ales and Spirits are doing a three-day giveaway starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday. You can line up and get hand sanitizers while supplies lasts.

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