FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – It’s a creative push in the valley to help those in Ukraine. Artists and members of the Scarab Creative Arts are supporting Ukraine and one of their artists that will have family overseas with a silent auction. 

“When the war started I tried to think, what can I do,” said Marina Holladay.

Marina Holladay says she’s lived in the states for 24 years, and that her heart is heavy seeing the image coming out of Ukraine, where she still has loved ones. 

“It was terrifying, it’s just sickly and really hard to describe this feeling that I feel,” added Holladay.

Holladay says she immediately got to work with other artists from Scarab Creative Arts in downtown Fresno. She says she wanted to start with something small. 

“I was making some pins and necklaces featuring Ukraine colors, Ukraine flag colors. My friends here at the studio and I decided we need to do something else,” said Holladay. 

That’s when they decided to hold a silent auction and posted the event on social media. Now, they have about 40 artists involved and over 60 pieces of art for auction. 

“You feel in these situations that it’s never enough,” said Heather Hubbard.

Artist Heather Hubbard says it was a no-brainer to hold the silent auction during ArtHop, where people will have the chance to bid on pieces donated by local artists. The art even has colors of the Ukraine flag.

“I’m super emotional this is a very tough time to be on this planet and my dear friend marina, we’ve been friends for so long and I see how she’s touched by this and I’m touched by her concern for her homeland,” explained Hubbard. 

Artwork ranged from $25 to a couple thousand and all the money raised will go to the organization “Doctors without Borders” in Ukraine which helps with medical aid. 

“As a community, it’s a very meaningful experience and I’m really honored to be part of this” added Hubbard.

Holladay said she’s already raised about $7,000 dollars to send to Ukraine and hopes to raise more than the event.