FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A small school is now bringing a big punch to help students improve socially and academically.

Students at Laton High School are now taking boxing classes through a new after-school program in partnership with Cano Bros Boxing.

“Cano Bros Boxing is a program that we bring to the schools, we teach students how to box at their school because it’s the safest there,” said Roman Cano, who is the CEO of Cano Bros Boxing.

The program helps students to get out of their comfort zone and explore a new sport.

Since opening Cano Bros Boxing in 2019 they have partnered with several schools, 32 in this school year so far.

“So the students who come, they sign up, they sign a waiver with their parent’s permission, and with that waiver they get their free shirt, as they continue the program they earn their hand wraps, boxing gloves, and a bag to put everything in,” said Cano. “And once they complete the program they get one free month to any boxing gym that they want to go to.”

Cano says he and his brother have experienced firsthand how boxing can improve someone’s life.

“Me and my brother were at-risk youth, and it wasn’t until me and my brother got involved with boxing that it changed our whole lives around,” said Cano.

Now Roman and his brother,  along with a team of coaches are making it their mission to bring boxing to schools that all students can then benefit from, teaching them the art, science, and life changing benefits of boxing. 

For one highschool student who decided to join a few weeks ago,  it’s also a much needed outlet.

 “I love it ,it’s pretty fun, I love working with coach Simon and it allows me to get my aggression out and that’s the main thing that I like,” said Jaythan Garcia who is a junior at Laton High School.

But it’s not just the kids getting a good work out in, every now and then principle Lucio Cortez also joins in the action.

 “Boxing is such an amazing sport, we have several students here who really wouldn’t have a sport, were struggling academically, with their character and we have several students in here that went from having below a 2.0 to a 3.5 GPA, they are model students here on campus,” said Cortez.

Its benefits like these which is why Laton High School decided to partner with Cano Bros Boxing for the entire school year teaching students self control and self discipline.

Next year they’ll start learning boxing defense, how to block , how to defend themselves, and how to counter.

Cano encourages parents to get their kids involved in boxing.

“Come out and see your students, see what they’re doing, see that they are smiling and having fun,” said Cano.