KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The Division of Environmental Health of the Kings County Department of Public Health (KCDPH), wants to remind the public of the importance of well safety in areas that are flooded.

Officials say that residents with private drinking water wells that, regardless of where storm runoff occurs causing flooding could contain contaminates such as animal waste, salt, pesticides, and petroleum products that can impact drinking water. They can get inside wells through gaps or cracks in the well head or casing due to flooding causing a risk to water quality.

The KCDPH says that if you suspect that your well may be contaminated by flood waters or any other source, they can test for bacterial contamination. Sample bottles can be obtained from them. Instructions on how to sample will be provided at the time. The cost for a bacterial test is $20.00 per sample.

According to officials, chemical releases and spills are common during floods. If you suspect your water smells like fuel or has a chemical odor, you may want to have a chemical analysis of your water before using it. They say to please use bottled water or some other safe supply of water. Boiling or disinfecting water contaminated with toxic chemicals or fuels will not make it safe.

For more information on what to do after your well has been flooded, the KCDPH says to use the US EPA website.

Here is a list of local laboratories that can test for chemicals provided by KCDPH:

  • BSK – 1414 Stanislaus Street, Fresno | 559.497.2888
  • Dellavalle – 1216 N. Douty, Hanford | (559) 584-8322
  • Moore Twining – 2527 Fresno St., Fresno | (800) 268-7021
  • Fruit Grower Laboratories, FGL – 9415 W. Goshen Avenue, Visalia | (559) 734-9473