FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) –On Saturday, Kearney Park in Fresno transformed into a mini Scotland at the 45th annual Scottish Gathering and Games.

“Everybody’s a Scot today,” said Robyn Frasier Gutierrez from the Fresno Scottish Society. “Back in the mother country, people lived miles apart from each other, so we didn’t have an opportunity to see everybody on a daily basis, weekly basis, so they had a gathering. So once a year you had a gathering with your clans, your families.”

Frasier said it’s an opportunity for people to celebrate their heritage. “You know, a lot of people are doing DNA testing these days and they’re finding out they have a percentage of celt or Scottish or Irish ancestor in them.”

The event featured traditional food and games.

“Big guys and the big women throw what we call a caber, most people think it’s a telephone pole,” Frasier explained. 

“We like the knives and swords and axes, and all the costumes. It’s quite a good quality meet-up here,” said Carey Parnell, an attendee of Scottish descent. 

Crowds also jammed to a Celtic rock band.  And of course… “Kilts, everybody has to have a kilt!” said Frasier. 

“We’re out here to celebrate and share our culture with anybody willing to ask,” said Bruce Glassford.

“I’m enjoying my Scottish heritage,” Kenneth Cain, another attendee shared. “My third great grandfather fought with Charlie Stewart against the Duke of Cumberland.”