FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – An offer has been made to Kaiser Permanente workers to end the strike that started on Wednesday, Kaiser Permanente officials announced.

Over 75,000 Kaiser Permanente employees went on strike on Wednesday across the U.S. and will continue until Oct. 7.

Healthcare workers say they are taking work action to protest Kaiser executives’ bad faith bargaining, which is getting in the way of finding solutions to solve Kaiser’s short-staffing crisis by investigating its workforce.

As announced on Tuesday, more than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers in multiple states are going on strike on Wednesday, including those in Fresno. They are protesting about unfair labor practices and unsafe staffing levels at hundreds of Kaiser hospitals and facilities across the United States.

Kaiser Permanente officials say after six months of bargaining with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, a marathon effort that went through last night and into Wednesday, their bargaining sessions ended without a settlement, and the Coalition strikes began.

While they have not reached a contract settlement, Kaiser Permanente officials have been able to reach a number of tentative agreements in bargaining. they say their efforts to date to address the unions’ priorities include:

  • Across-the-board wage increases in all markets over the next four years.
  • Updating the Performance Sharing Plan to include a minimum payout opportunity and potential for up to a $3,750 payout.
  • Offering minimum wages of $23/hour in California and $21/hour in markets outside of California.
  • Continuing and enhancing their existing excellent health benefits and retirement income plans.
  • Renewing their strong tuition assistance and training programs, and increasing funding of the education trusts.

Kaiser Permanente says they will remain committed to reaching a new agreement that continues to provide their employees with market-leading wages, excellent benefits, generous retirement income plans, and valuable professional development opportunities.

On the same day that the Coalition strikes began, Kaiser officials confirmed they hired about 10,000 new Coalition-represented employees by year-end, and in total over the past two years, they have hired over 50,000 people.

Kaiser Permanente officials say all hospitals and emergency departments remain open. As their facilities will continue to be staffed by physicians, trained and experienced managers, and staff. Thousands of qualified and trained contract staff are joining Kaiser Permanente teams this week as well, to help meet members’ and patients’ needs. 

All our hospitals and emergency departments remain open. Our facilities will continue to be staffed by our physicians, trained and experienced managers, and our great staff. Thousands of qualified and trained contract staff are joining our Kaiser Permanente teams this week as well, to help meet our members’ and patients’ needs. We thank those Coalition-represented employees who have chosen to come to work and care for our patients, members, and communities.

Members who need urgent or timely medical care should continue to seek it at our hospitals and medical facilities. A strike should not dissuade anyone from seeking necessary care.

We will contact members affected by any necessary changes in our services. We may need to reschedule non-emergency and elective services in some locations out of an abundance of caution.

Kaiser Permanente in a statement.

Kaiser Permanente members can follow any important updates on their website.